Healthy Foods for Kitties

NO FISH FLAVOURS IN GENERAL: Be sure to always read the ingredient list on a bag or can. The first 4 -5 ingredients are the main ones by %; if they include fish that's a big no-no, and can seriously hurt your kitty in the long-run.  HOWEVER, fish oil that is often mentioned further down the list is fine because it contains Omega-3 fatty acids, great for a cat's skin and coat.

Guildwood Cat Relief Dry Food Recommendations

Fromm: The 4 no grain formulas: Gamebird, Hasenduckenpfeffer, Chicken au Frommage, and Beef Livattini
Acana: No-grain formulas: Chicken or duck.
Open Farm: ecologically appropriate
Instinct: similarly

Guildwood Cat Relief Wet Food Recommendations

Merrick's:  Duck paté, Beef paté, chicken paté, Turducken, Grammy’s Pot Pie, Thanksgiving Dinner
Instinct: Duck formula, Lamb formula, Chicken formula, Rabbit formula (limited ingredients)
Applaws: Chicken breast in water, Chicken breast with cheese (ultrafine strips)
Holistic Select:  Chicken liver and lamb paté, chicken paté, turkey paté
Go:  Chicken, Turkey and Duck paté, duck paté
Koha:   Duck paté, Chicken paté, Turkey paté, French guinea hen paté, Kangaroo paté. All single ingredient foods.
Pride: 2 Chicken formulas, 2 Lamb formulas, 1 Duck formula
Hounds and Gatos: Chicken and chicken liver, Beef
Natural Harvest
Ultra Performatrin
: Chicken Stew, Turkey Stew
Rawz: Chicken, duck, turkey, beef, rabbit etc. flavours
Fromms: all flavours except those with fish

The Healthiest Wet Cat Foods

Open Farm and Now: cat food found in miniature cartons
Stella and Chewy's: Chick Chick Chicken or Duck Duck Chicken packages
Primal Instinct packages

There are some wet food brands that you should not feed your cat because of high amounts of chemicals, meat by-products, food colouring, soy, too much corn, not enough meat, or various cancer-linked substances including thickeners.

Special Kitty
Fancy Feast
Meow Mix
Anything from the local grocery store

Special Kitty
Purina Cat Chow
Meow Mix
Anything from the local grocery store

Treats to Give your Cat!
Only packets that are clearly marked "natural" or "grain-free" People food treats are fine also this includes meat, cheese, etc. NO TEMPTATIONS or WHISKAS.